Food, Beautiful Food

On our trip to Denver a few weeks ago,Rog’s brother and family took us shopping at an Asian market. What an adventure! Besides all the food you expect to see, there are things you’ve never seen before: dozens of varieties of greens, fruits, and vegetables we don’t recognize. We bought a small tray of jack fruit. Not an entire jack fruit. They are big as a watermelon, cost about $50, and yield more jack fruit than we could use. But it was a hit! Everyone tasted it and we all gobbled it down as a snack in minutes. We wouldn’t have known about jack fruit had our friend Sergei Boutenko not introduced us to it last spring when we visited him in Oregon. We payed the favor forward for our family.

There has never before been a time when more fresh produce from around the world has been available to us. We do ourselves a favor when we take advantage of chances to broaden our food choices and eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains from all over the world. Recipes are at our fingertips via the Internet for ethnic or unusual food, so we really have no excuse.

Do yourself, your friends and family  a favor. Try something new this week! Then tell me about it!!



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