March Mountain Hike

Living minutes from the mountains is one reason we love Lindon, Utah. It is rejuvenating to get out of town and tramp around where you’re surrounded by the natural world. It somehow puts things in perspective for me. Just walking out the door and down the street to the horse pasture a block from our house where I can see Mount Timpanogos in all it’s majesty can reshape my day.

When I can’t take time for a nature break, I do the next best thing: I laugh for no reason! Last Monday morning, overwhelmed by baskets of unfolded laundry, piles of dirty clothes, our bed waiting for clean sheets, bills that needed paying, and this blog post that needed posting, I walked into the bedroom and burst out laughing. Meanwhile, I folded clothes and made the bed. My husband Rog heard the ruckus and came in to check on me. He cheerfully pitched in with the chores. He knows me! When I can’t handle the stress any longer, I laugh! It’s as good as a hike in the mountains. Since that’s not always convenient, it’s nice to know laughing  provides the same relief! Getting a few tasks finished helped too.

I thank the Lord I can see, hear, feel and smell the world around me, even when Farmer Anderson is spreading “sunshine” (manure) in his fields. Life really is wonderful.



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