Playful Parenting

Our kids are such great parents. They play with their children!

Forgive me for sitting on this video since January. I did it after we returned from a visit over the Christmas holidays. But I think it’s timely as families are gearing up for Spring breaks and Summer vacations. This generation of parents is better than any previous one at playing with their kids.

Our son Ethan and daughter-in-law Harmonie showed us a great example of their playfulness during our visit. Children need their parents’ time, love and example. Playing together provides all those good things.

More than ever before, dads seem to be comfortable playing games that preschoolers love. In our religious community, the organization for children is called Primary. It is now held on Sundays as part of our three-hour block of meetings. When I was young, it happened after school, which was during the work day for most dads. The new meeting schedule means teachers in today’s Primary are often men. More of today’s dads are full-time care givers to their children, as well. What a blessing this shift is for both adults and kids!

I was grateful to see Ethan and Harmonie playing London Bridge Is Falling Down, Ring Around the Rosie, and Psychiatrist with their family. It was a major highlight of our visit. The laughter that rang through their home that day still warms my heart as I recall it.

God bless today’s wonderful parents!


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