Mutual Dell Hike

On March 13 my husband Roger and I drove the 30 minutes to American Fork Canyon, Mutual Dell Camp, hoping to get a chance to use our new snowshoes. We did use the poles, and the back packs to carry our equipment. The ground was covered in snow, but it was hard packed and the trail we chose was steep, so we hiked, rather than snowshoed, up the trail for a half hour and then back down. It was great to be out on a frosty March morning, enjoying nature, each other’s company and the good health that enables us to do this. Hey, it’s use it or lose it.

We are grateful to a God who obviously loves his children, providing us with a place in the world where we can experience challenges, like my low vision, supported by family, and appreciate nature so close to home!

I so appreciate Rog for being the stabilizing poles in my life. When I began this blog, I doubted I’d ever be able to do a single post without his help. After several months of posting, surprisingly, I am able to do it by myself. Unless the program changes slightly which throws me into confusion! Rog comes to my rescue, calms me down and soon I’m back in business again, till the next crisis.

Rog took both of these videos. It’s wonderful when he does because I don’t have to edit them. He gives me a cue, a clean start and a clean end. Unfortunately, there are times when he needs to do his own things. I try not to dominate his every waking minute. I am fairly useful, I’ll have to admit. I do most of the laundry and a fair share of the food prep and clean-up. And I’m pretty good to bounce ideas off of. We’ve worked together full-time for over 30 years, so we know each other’s quirks and don’t let them bother us too much. Often Rog, or I, can’t think of a word when we’re writing. Then we’re glad we share an office and can ask for help. We are grateful to be each other’s best friends!




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