Haiti Mission Prep

My husband Rog and I are going to Haiti for a one-week humanitarian mission soon. We’ve been working on preparations for a couple of months and aren’t done yet. This is nearly as complicated as preparing for a two-year mission!

We will be working with children in orphanages, with an emphasis on helping kids learn skills that will help them provide for themselves.

Are we nervous? Yessss! A little. Rog almost refused to take me because of my low vision. But I’m not about to sit life out just because I can’t see perfectly. He did buy me a new collapsable white cane. I’ll mainly use it in airports to let other people know that I need a little extra help. It works! People look at the cane and skirt around me as if I had something catching! Sheesh!

I am more nervous about not speaking the language of Haiti. But we are traveling with an organization so I don’t think we’ll be on our own ever. They’ll provide us with translators, meet us at the airport, etc. Hey, I’ll let you know in a month how it went.


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