Blind Brotherhood

There’s a brotherhood of the blind. But how do we find one another? It seems that we just stumble into each other, but I believe we’re guided by a loving Heavenly Father.

As I’ve mentioned, we moved to this neighborhood two and a half years ago, and when I met Craig, our legally blind neighbor, I was so excited. Finally, someone understood what I was going through! We can talk about our shared experience ad nauseam. Our spouses finally shake their heads, wave and leave us chatting away in the middle of the street. (Fortunately, it’s not a busy one.)

It’s the same with any person who shares our experiences. Our mutual support strengthens us all! How grateful I am for this network!

The most frequently asked question I get is, “What does ‘legally blind’ mean?” I believe it means that you can’t legally operate a moving vehicle. Pass the driving test, in other words. I suppose ophthalmologists have a more technically accurate measurement, but it comes down to the same thing, basically. You can’t drive…legally.

The other FAQ is, “So, what can you see?” That’s a hard one to answer, I say. I don’t know what I can’t see. I can’t see it! Then we have a laugh.

For me, everything is blurry when I’m looking at distant scenes. I have holes in my vision, so when looking at things close up, like columns of numbers in the check book or monthly bank statement, I may think I see “35,” but it’s actually, “135” or “1,135.” It was confusing at first. I’ve learned to look twice, and to look around the number so that I see the whole thing. It’s really slow! and frustrating. But I’m grateful for what I can see! and that I’m not totally blind!

Thanks for your support, for reading and watching my blog. Please respond, if you can. I’m not sure what I’ve got set up for response. My husband Rog helps me with the technical stuff. Let me know, if you can, other questions you may have. Maybe I’ll need to create an FAQ section.

God bless you!


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