On to State in Debate

Hooray! They took second place!

I had no idea elementary kids even participated in debate till last night when our daughter Amber invited us to watch Austin and Vance’s first competition! They are fifth graders and this is their school’s first year doing debate. Vance really wanted to do it. Austin let himself be talked into it. He almost quit two weeks ago. But that would have left his brother without a partner, so he stayed in for him.

It was a hoot to see fourth and fifth graders debating the pros and cons of a mandatory military draft in the United States. Amazing, really. It wasn’t hard to imagine we were watching future judges, attorneys and statesmen and women. They were thinking on their feet, revising their statements on the fly. What a wonderful opportunity for kids to learn these skills so early in life! I think we’ll be in good hands with these young people.

We are so proud of the boys. This was a hard challenge, with weeks of preparation, training, coaching and practice. Austin was not thrilled about being in the spotlight. But both boys quelled their jitters and performed well! The first round was the hardest, they agreed. After that, even Austin was pumped! He’s not sure he’s excited about going on to State, though.

It was a payday for our daughter and her husband, and for us, too. Grandparenthood is wonderful!




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