Salt Lake City Outing with Ryan

Rog and I received the rare opportunity to attend our church’s annual general conference on April 1, 2017, in the Conference Center, in Salt Lake. We took our ten-year-old grandson Ryan. He’d watched conference on TV but had never been to the Conference Center. It was only Rog’s and my second time attending conference there.

Ryan hoped to see our prophet Thomas S. Monson speak. Personally, I couldn’t see any speakers with my naked eyeballs from our seats on the mezzanine level, except via an enormous monitor which hung on the wall. President Monson didn’t speak in that session, but he spoke in a later session. That was okay. We felt a wonderful spirit in the Conference Center and we knew President Monson was down there somewhere. I couldn’t even see the podium with my limited vision. But I could see the monitor and thoroughly enjoyed feeling the spirit of the Lord there, and worshiping with so many fellow saints.

It was fun to take Ryan. He loved the train ride into the city, lunch afterwards at Chickk-Fil-A, as well as being in that gigantic auditorium to experience conference in person! And we loved being with him. He sat quietly and paid attention through the entire two-hour meeting. It was a treat for all of us. The day was gloriously warm and sunny. The flowers on Temple Square looked spectacular.

It’s actually easier to see conference from home on TV, sitting in a comfy chair. You don’t have to jostle with the crowds or drive through traffic, but seeing the session Saturday morning in person filled me in a way watching on TV can’t. It’s the feeling of being there, hearing the magnificent organ and choir in person, and feeling the reverence of thousands of other souls gathered to show their love for God our Creator and Jesus Christ our Savior. It felt wonderful!


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