Haiti Bound – First Leg

May 7, 2017 – At last, we’re on our way to Haiti! I felt like I was taking a final exam. We’d spent months preparing for every imaginable possibility. We would soon find out how we did and if our plans were workable. The only glitch in our first day’s journey was an airline delay. The storms in the Atlanta area on April 6th wreaked havoc with Delta Airlines. We waited to take off from Salt Lake airport for two or three hours, arriving late in Orlando. Our son Ethan and his family met us near the airport and we left our “valuables,” ipads, camera, etc., with them. We’d been warned not to take them to Haiti. Quick hugs all around and we took off for Fort Lauderdale. Arriving at our airbnb at midnight and leaving the next day in the wee hours to catch a Jet Blue flight to Haiti worked as planned, except that our sleep time suffered. All in all, with day one under our belts, we felt our launch was successful.

Getting to Haiti isn’t like flying to Honolulu. Flights are expensive and choices are limited. Haiti is not a tourist destination, obviously. Renting a car in Orlando and driving to Fort Lauderdale allowed us to get a better price on airfare and we avoided taking a red-eye flight to the east coast. The airbnb in Fort Lauderdale area worked marvelously. We saved money and enjoyed a peaceful, though short, night of sleep. However, Rog, my husband and designated driver (they don’t give blind people driver’s licenses for some reason), regretted having to drive in the dark for three-and-a-half hours to Fort Lauderdale. We may do that differently if we make the trip again.



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