Do It – NOW: A messaage from my waterbottle

When my waterbottle tipped over and leaked onto my pillow the other night, I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. But a puddle in your bed and a wet back are hard to ignore. To make matters worse, a skunk had scented the air wafting in through our bedroom window. After I finally took action – closing the window, drying the puddle with a towel and changing pajamas – I crawled back into bed. Before I drifted off to sleep, a thought popped into my mind: “Don’t put things off! Do what needs to be done.”

It’s not everyday that my waterbottle talks to me. I paid attention. The next morning my husband Rog and I talked about what I need to take action on. I concluded that it wasn’t one thing. It refers to anything. I need to overcome my tendency to think about things, ad nauseam. Caution is good in its place, but I need to act on impressions and do things even when I don’t know exactly how they will turn out.

So in the last few days I signed up for several yoga classes I’d been thinking about. I contacted an image consultant. I planted some flowers we’d bought a few days earlier. It felt good!

The truth is, I’m legally blind because eight years ago I procrastinated caring for my eyes. Glaucoma is gradual and insidious. Due to some financial reverses, money was tight. We didn’t have health insurance to cover the expensive eye drops and the eye drops caused miserable side effects. So I ignored the problem. It didn’t go away.

Being legally blind has given me insights and blessed me in surprising ways, so it wasn’t all bad, I suppose. But I certainly do miss being able to see well. It was a costly lesson in taking action and procrastination.

Just as costly and insidious are feelings of doubt, believing that what I have to say is silly or unimportant. This is a universal problem. We think we’re too young, or too old. We’re too fat or have difficulty reading in public. Those excuses keep us wallowing in our own quagmire. The truth is, we all have something to say. Each of us is important. We matter!

So quit procrastinating and break out of the fear cycle. Live your dream. Believe that voice and DO IT! DO IT NOW!! The only thing we have to lose is regrets!


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