A Week in Paradise

My husband Rog created A Week in Paradise, a 13 minute video of our week in Haiti. We were helping kids, some of whom were rescued from slavery. We loved being part of something bigger than ourselves! Rog generously offered to let me share it with you. I will have more to say about our week in Haiti in the future. In the meantime, enjoy his take on it.

Our part in  Operation Shield, Matt Smith’s NGO that supports kids rescued from the slave trade by Operation Underground Railroad, was minor. But since our focus was on helping kids and families who have no voice, anything we did that lets them know someone cares makes a difference. We all feel pretty voiceless at times because of our age, powerlessness or disabilities, like my low vision, in this big, sometimes brutal world. When I magnify my own feelings by adding poverty, having no parents, living with a corrupt government,  I realize every little thing any of us can do matters.

Matt is planning another trip to Haiti in July and needs additional volunteers to fill out the trip. Even if you are not able to go, you could support someone who can. If you can help in any way, I assure you that your little part, added to many other people’s little parts, will serve those who may feel that they have been abandoned by God. Being God’s hands is such a sweet experience! I invite you to share your love and blessings with the sweet people in Haiti through Operation Shield.


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